Sale Leaseback Program

Homeowners Now is happy to introduce our Sale Leaseback program as a solution for current homeowners who are facing trouble with their traditional mortgages and are in danger of losing their homes due to newer requirements by their bank, bad credit, high debt, or other issues. 

  • Homeowner's Now will buy your home, and you will lease it back from us for a period of 3 years. You get to stay in your home!
  • The Program is designed to allow you to pay down any debt with the profit from the purchase of your home, and to accumulate an appropriate down payment for re-purchasing your home (whether that be 5%, 10%, or even up to 20% of the purchase price). This will be accomplished over the 3-year term of the Program.
  • Homeowners Now works within your lifestyle to ensure you can re-acquire your home.
  • We do not require first or last month's rental deposits, which means these funds can be allocated further towards your investment!
  • You are NOT renting, so your monthly payments are FIXED and will not increase during the duration of the program.
  • The purchase price of the home is also FIXED when you begin the Program. This means that any additional value to the property, whether this is by updates made by you or by market appreciation, are yours to benefit from.
  • We still consider you the owner of the home. Continue your life at home just as before. You are welcome to have pets, paint, update, or renovate the home as you see fit. Once again, any added value to the property will not change the agreed upon purchase price that was determined at the beginning of the Program.
  • We offer free financial and coaching support to you on a quarterly basis to ensure you are meeting your goals of purchasing the home. The Program is designed so that your credit and funds at the end of the term qualify you to purchase the home.
  • The Program is extremely flexible and works within YOUR budget. The Program can include early purchase options, flexible monthly payments, and extended terms in order to reach your goals.

Our Mission

We're Canada's leader in alternative homeownership solutions, helping more Canadians achieve their goals of home ownership. We don't just believe every Canadian should become a homeowner, we've set out a mission to achieve it!

Our Philosophy

We have specialized in the field of alternative homeownership solutions as it is where we believe we can have the biggest impact on Canadians' lives. Through our experience and expertise we have become the leaders in Canada.

Our Promise

We are committed to educating our clients and working with them hand-in-hand to realize their goals of homeownership and getting ahead financially. 

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