Homeowners Now Program

Simple Four-Step Approval Process

Down Payment 

Homeowners Now understands that this can be one of the most difficult steps in obtaining your own home. We work within your budget for the payment. Our plan will be created to ensure you still have enough left over to cover costs such as furniture and utilities.

Household Income

Whether you're self-employed, a sub-contractor, or are fully employed, we take your total household income into consideration. A general guideline for approval is a minimum of $50,000 household income annually.

Credit Report

Although your credit won’t necessarily disqualify you from the Homeowners Now Program, it is important to know where you stand and what will be needed to improve your credit while you complete the Program. Credit repair is a commitment - we are committed to improving your credit just as much as you are committed yourself.

Choosing a Home

This is the most exciting part of the process - you get to select the house that YOU want! Homeowners Now has an extensive network of licensed REALTORS that will work within your requirements to find you your new home.

How the Program Works

The Homeowners Now Program is a non-traditional method of renting to own. If you want your rent payment to actually go towards an investment, the Homeowners Now Program is an excellent option! There are many, many advantages of the Program:

  • We ensure that your security is assured through the use of legal agreements. We will always recommend that you have these agreements reviewed by a lawyer before signing. We want you to not only feel safe, but to also understand the process and intricacies involved in buying a home. You know, this may be the biggest investment of your life!
  • The feeling of knowing you have security in your own home is wonderful. With no landlord asking you to leave so their Mom can move in next month, you have full control of the use of your home.
  • We utilize our extensive network of licensed REALTORS to find you the home that you want. These REALTORS understand that your home is more than the place you fall asleep each night, but that it is also an investment in your future.
  • The Program was created to provide you with a lifestyle, not just put you into a property. Our qualified professionals work with you to determine the budget that is best suited to you and your family by understanding ALL of the costs involved. When we use this approach we find that our clients are happy living a balanced life and do not worry about being "house poor".
  • The Program is designed to allow you to accumulate an appropriate down payment for your home, whether that be 5%, 10%, or even up to 20% of the purchase price. This will be accomplished over the 2 or 3-year term of the Program.
  • Homeowners Now works within your lifestyle to ensure you can acquire the home you have chosen. We do not require first or last month's rental deposits, which means these funds can be allocated further towards your investment!
  • You are NOT renting, so your monthly payments are FIXED and will not increase during the duration of the program.
  • The purchase price of the home is also FIXED when you begin the Program. This means that any additional value to the property, whether this is by updates made by you or by market appreciation, are yours to benefit from.
  • We consider you the owner of the home. You are welcome to have pets, paint, update, or renovate the home as you see fit. Once again, any added value to the property will not change the agreed upon purchase price that was determined at the beginning of the Program.
  • We offer free financial and coaching support to you on a quarterly basis to ensure you are meeting your goals of purchasing the home. The Program is designed so that your credit and funds at the end of the term qualify you to purchase the home.
  • The Program is extremely flexible and works within YOUR budget. The Program can include early purchase options, flexible monthly payments, and extended terms in order to reach your goals.

The Commitment

The Homeowners Now Program requires a serious dedication to building wealth for you and your family's future. We will work hard WITH you to achieve this goal!

  • Like a mortgage, rent to own is a commitment. If you aren’t ready for the Homeowners Now Program today, that is completely fine. We will be here for you when you are ready! 
  • We help our clients understand that there are consequences for not being responsible towards The Commitment. You will be made aware that any missed payments will result in the termination of your Program. This also means that you will forfeit your deposit and any accumulated funds. You need to have the right mindset to succeed and understanding The Commitment is a huge part of this process.
  • Improving your credit takes hard work and discipline. If you are serious about The Commitment, you will have a wonderful feeling of success when we reach the end of the Program and you qualify for the mortgage yourself!
  • The ultimate consequence of The Commitment is a path towards financial freedom. The first step in becoming financially free in life is owning your own home - apply for the Homeowners Now Program today and start your path to success!

The Fees

We help educate our clients on the costs involved in purchasing a home and are also transparent about the costs involved in the Homeowners Now Program. 

  • We will help educate you on the costs involved in moving into a home, whether that means additional furnishings or a disciplined savings account for future maintenance.
  • Homeowners Now pays for all legal costs, home inspection reports, appraisals, and all closing costs on the initial purchase. You are responsible for the initial down payment, your monthly rent, and all utilities.
  • There is no application fee or sitting fee involved with the Homeowners Now Program. We are always happy to provide potential clients with free information about how the Program works!

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