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The secret of the rent-to-own program is getting out and all across North America we have seen success story after success story. Today, this program is in more demand than ever and we need your help in positively impacting peoples' lives.

Why become a Money Partner in our Rent-To-Own Program?

  • Homeowners Now has a proven formula with a 100% track-record to-date.
  • Homeowners Now provides an above-average return than what one would typically receive in a mutual fund, GIC, or savings account.
  • Our partnership opportunities act as a valuable diversification strategy from the volatile stock market.
  • You get to know you are making a huge difference in someone's life.
  • As a real estate Money Partner, you get the benefits of one of the most historically secure industries without the landlord headaches.
  • We establish an upfront exit strategy right from the start. This means that even if the worst case scenario occurs, you still come out ahead as a Money Partner!
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Access Our Power Team

Homeowners Now has an extensive network of the best real estate agents and mortgage brokers out there. With access to thousands of potential clients every week, we ensure your money only goes to the best-of-the-best!

homeowners now, canada, rent to own

Proven Track Record

With two in-house CA's crunching the numbers and a seasoned team of real estate professionals, we have developed what we like to think as a "proven" model which has been 100% successful to-date.

homeowners now, canada, rent to own

Partnering Alongside Owners

With so much confidence in our screening and review process, we personally invest "pari-passu" with every single partnership opportunity we present! See below the listings currently available!

Interested in learning more about becoming a Money Partner with us? 

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