Have Your Biggest Asset Pay You

Is It Right For You?

Homeowners Now has been helping Canadians with our alternative homeownership and lending programs for nearly a decade. Our unique Rent-to-Own program has helped numerous families become homeowners while our Sale Leaseback program has assisted many tap into their biggest asset.

Our Sale Leaseback program lets you turn up to 85% of your home’s value into cash to use on what you need whether it be starting a business, finishing your education, debt consolidation, or investment.

Our Sale Leaseback program is primarily concerned with the value of your home, NOT your credit history, age, or income. We can have you pre-approve for our program within 24 hours.

debt consolidation

Debt Consolidation


Start a Business


Owe Taxes

Unexpected Expense

Business Capital

New to Canada


How Our Sale Leaseback Program Works

The Homeowners Now Program is a non-traditional method of renting to own. If you want your rent payment to actually go towards an investment, the Homeowners Now Program is an excellent option!

With some savings for a down payment, a steady income, and the drive to succeed, we're here to make it happen for you!

Get Your Cash in 4 Easy Steps!


Complete our online application to start the sale leaseback program


Meet with one of our Client Success Managers to go through the leaseback process


Homeowners Now makes an offer on your home today with the obligation to sell it back to you in 2-3 years!


You receive the sale proceeds from the sale of your home AND continue living there!

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Why Choose a Homeowners Now Sale Leaseback?

Homeowners Now Sale Leaseback Program can provide you access to more capital than home equity loans. You can be approved quickly and with little hassle and the fixed purchase price provides certainty and security for the future.

Fast Approval

No Big Hurdles

Secure Price

Dedicated to Your Success!

We are committed to helping families into homeownership. Our mission is to educate our clients with personalized financial advice so they can own their home and build wealth for themselves and their families. We accomplish this through our nation-wide leading Homeowners Now Program. Apply today to achieve your home ownership goals!

Our service is great for Brokers and Agents who have clients that would benefit from our alternative homeownership solutions program.

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